The Colima Project

the colima project

Colima, El Salvador, km 47 1/2 Troncal del Norte, Carretera Panamericana, ES, CA

Since 2001, The Colima Project has been an art and development collaboration between the town of Colima, El Salvador and students, artists, and professionals from the US. 

Taking place for a month each summer in Colima with surrounding events in the US and El Salvador during the spring and fall, the project looks at land and story through yearly topic focuses such as building an oral history archive; looking at traditional and contemporary agricultural practices; promoting public health initiatives; using arts and culture to teach literacy and other subject areas in schools and in the community; preserving local traditions through cultural exchange and inquiry. 

These yearly goals have resulted in ten murals throughout the town; the renovation of the health center yard and the planting of a community herbal medicine garden; the establishment of a library at Colima School; an oral history archive collaboration with the local youth radio team; and myriad workshops in language arts, music, dance, art technical skills, textile design and construction, and sculpture.

More significantly, these projects have resulted in lasting conversations around tradition and culture; transitions to organic and sustainable growing practices;  preservation of local history; and youth roles in community safety and growth. 


In 2012, The Colima Project moves to Contra Costa College!

With the support of the METAS program and the La Raza Club at Contra Costa College, The Colima Project will be going to El Salvador this August with a group of ten artists, students, and professionals to look at issues facing teens in Richmond and Colima. We will install the public artworks we created last year, and look at possibilities for creating new works in Richmond based on our experiences this summer. Please consider joining us for one of the following events:

Pupusa and Tamales sales at lunch on Contra Costa's quad! 12 -3pm Tuesdays: April 10, 17, 24

Cinco de Mayo celebration of culture at Contra Costa College: Thursday May 3

La Raza Club Booth at Cinco de Mayo in Richmond: Saturday May 5 on 23rd Street in Richmond

Students from The Colima Project speak at the Kadist Foundation in San Francisco: 2:30pm April 21 

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Bob Dunsmore said...

Amanda Eicher, we are trying to get hold of you! We used to live at the Hacienda Colima before your time, from 1998-2005. Please contact us asap at 575-582-4224 in New Mexico, we have started a new facebook page entitled Colima Lindo. Your friends, Julie and Bob Dunsmore